I have been thinking of a name for the new car and I came up with Bella.  A great Italian name for a great Italian car.  Due to other projects around the house I have not found much time to sit down and tune Bella.  Since I have been neglecting her I bought a few “presents”.  At T. Rutlands Ferrari parts I found some Pommello Fissaggio Coperchio and Fascetta. That is Italian for Air Box Nuts and fuel/vacuum line clamps.  Sounds much better in Italian! The air box nuts are often lost and the car arrived with only one of the original fasteners.  Also since I plan on going through the fuel and vacuum system I will replace worn clamps as I go with original replacements.

The Italian references you see throughout the site are due to the fact that Ferrari’s are Italian (duh!) and to illustrate the fun involved with translating the owners manual, shop manual, and parts diagram.  Luckily all these were included with the car.  The owners manual is actually the original with the original binder that came with the car! The books are translations from Italian, and sometimes the translations are a little rough. More reason to learn Italian!  It will also come in handy when I go visit Bella’s homeland.