Smog Pump

The Air Injection System - Pompa Aria

So the fun begins!  I pulled out the smog pump today to replace the pump and all of the lines.  I was able to find a replacement air pump at NAPA.  For anyone looking for a replacement air pump this is a great option, part #NAP 51212.  When  I removed the air pump it was identical to this one, so Ferrari must buy their smog pumps from NAPA! (or it has already been replaced)  If you do get the part from NAPA though make sure the back is stamped with the number 7817872.  My replacement looked identical but had a different number stamped on the back.  The only difference was that the pulley bolts and air outlet fitting bolts were a size larger, minor inconvenience, but annoying still.  Ferrari wants over $800 for the air pump and $750 for the lines and metal t-fitting (the t-fitting is $475 alone).  Needless to say I am going to try to source some cheaper parts!